Enter a URL and the SlowNet app will send your request through a call to be decoded by a server, which then fetches the content you requested. Those bytes are used to build an aural representation of your page, which is then sent back over the phone and re-interpreted as a web page.

Ingredients: Node.js, Java (Android)

Cast-enabled Android word game
Built as a weekend project to study the Chromecast API, Scramblegram is a simple word game for Android. The goal is to build as many words as possible using only the letters found in a given set of 7 letters. Design follows Material Design guidelines, and the receiver application tracks user progress and time.

Ingredients: Node.js, Java (Android), Chromecast

Enterprise-level property management platform.
Zairge is an enterprise property management system, OTA/GDS liaison, Point of Sale system, Food and Beverage system, inventory tracker, housekeeping/maintenance platform, and everything inbetween for hotels, resorts, and any other manageable property with any number or type of guests.

Ingredients: PHP, JS, Ruby, Java, HTML, CSS

Omegle/ChatRoulette for texting.
Rando is like Omegle for texting. The service lets you text a stranger without sharing any personal info. Text JOIN to the Rando number and you will be matched with a chat partner you can talk to anonymously for as long as you like. Text LEAVE and never hear from them again.

Ingredients: PHP, Twilio

Track the Planet
Stop misplacing things.
An android app is used as the central node that scans for bluetooth devices. A bluetooth module [RN 42] is connected to a XBee breakout board and an Arduino mini pro to track the location of devices. When a devices's signal strength falls below a certain threshold, a Pebble watch on the user will vibrate to remind them about their forgotten object. Users can view and manage their devices through a web portal.

Ingredients: Node.js, Particle board

FOSS backend interface a la
Flour lets you use client-side JS to manage SQL databases, and provides a front-end for the purpose of viewing, searching for, and modifying table data. The primary goal of Flour is to take the stress out of API creation by providing a generic interface with which a developer can easily create and manage custom objects and their relationships.

Ingredients: PHP, JS, MySQL, HTML, CSS

Dead simple experimental economics recruiting.
nlist is a recruiting platform for the growing field of experiment economics. It helps academics organize and execute their experiments through such features as email and event scheduling.

Ingredients: PHP, JS, MySQL, HTML, CSS

Scan ISBN, receive free textbook.
Boka is an Android application that allows users to scan (or manually enter) any book's ISBN , searches the web for the most relevant magnet/torrent/direct download link, and returns the best choices to the user. Scan a book, click a button, and it's yours. The service was awarded Best Mobile Hack at Hack.UVA University of Virginia.

Ingredients: Java (Android) connecting to a PHP API, web-scraping foolishly done in-house

Yik Yak web interface.
YakNet is a web application that simulates a connection to the Yik Yak servers and pulls recent location-based posts from any provided location. Try an address or an abstract location (e.g. 300 Spring Street or Yale)

Ingredients: Python, PHP, jQuery, HTML, CSS

Automatic, purchase-triggered donations.
Givr is a web application that facilitates charitable donations. The service "listens" to bank accounts and, for all food purchases, rounds the purchase amount to the next dollar and donates that amount to a given food bank. The service was awarded the top prize at HACCK at the University of Virginia.

Ingredients: PHP, cURL, jQuery, HTML, CSS

CSS postprocessor
WASP is like SCSS for the client-side, and supports CSS variables, inheritance, and more. Ideal for offline development, static environments, or lazy devs who just want painless variable support.

Ingredients: JS

Donate directly to site owners.
BitSplit is a Chrome extension that simplifies BTC donations. Site owners add their BTC address as a TXT record. The extension icon will light up if you are browsing a website that is configured to accept donations. Just click on the icon to get to donating.

Ingredients: JS

Artisan Meads
Branding & Identity
Artisan Meads is a local meadery based in Virginia. During a startup weekend, I created an alternative company identity, including color and typography guidelines, a mission, bottle labels and, of course, a logo.

Ingredients: Adobe Illustrator, Mead

Banner Amigo
Receive notifications when college courses open up.
College courses have limited seats. Banner Amigo is a platform that offers a filterable, searchable course catalogue with RateMyProfessor data where appropriate. Students can select a course and, if there are no available seats, enter their email address to be notified within 2 minutes of an availability. The solution was provided gratis, open source, and spawned a number of copies. W&M campus news took an interest.

Ingredients: JS, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS

Studying made social with location-based notifications.
Huddle helps people study. Users automatically broadcast their field of study and location via an app to an interactive campus map, and those looking for study partners can browse the map via a web application that also provides basic metrics and an activity feed. Huddle won some stuff at a hackathon.

Ingredients: Java (Android), JS, MongoDB, PHP, HTML, CSS